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Agastya by Oswald Labs helps El Niño, a Dutch digital development company based in Enschede, with building accessibility in their products and delivering accessibility consultancy.

How does El Niño use Agastya?

El Niño is a digital development and automation studio based in Enschede, the Netherlands, which works with companies like Takeaway, Minimax, and Nedap on technology-related solutions.

Oswald Labs helps El Niño as an accessibility and technology consultant.

Oswald Labs helps El Niño by advising them during the development of their custom made applications for different customers and platforms in The Netherlands and abroad.

— Michael Angelo Groeneveld, Founder, El Niño
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Legibility features

Agastya has built-in features to increase legibility, including a dyslexia-friendly mode for users with learning disabilities.

White labelling

Make it yours by adding your brand identity to the plugin for free. Add your brand name, colors, and custom call-to-actions.

Advanced analytics

Track plugin usage, user abilities, pageviews, and custom events using our GDPR-compliant and privacy-aware tracking technology.

How can I get Agastya on my website?

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    Estimate the number of monthly pageviews your website receives and select a free or Pro plan.
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    Sign up for Agastya and add the one-line JavaScript snippet to your website.
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    That's it, you're done!

Thousands of users use Agastya every month.

Agastya comes built-in with tens of features, including dyslexia-friendly mode, night mode, blind-friendly read aloud, and GDPR-compliant privacy-aware event tracking.

Agastya features are used by thousands of users and works for websites with millions of pageviews every month.


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