Oswald Labs is an innovative, young company of 10+ motivated individuals with a mission to make technology accessible to everyone. We’re based out of India and the Netherlands.

Photo of Anand Chowdhary

Anand Chowdhary

Chief Executive Officer

Creative technologist and entrepreneur, student at University of Twente

Photo of Nishant Gadihoke

Mahendra Raghuwanshi

Chief Operating Officer

Electronics engineer, previously Radio Expert at Nokia, BTech SGSITS

Photo of Nishant Gadihoke

Nishant Gadihoke

Chief Technology Officer

Multi-disciplinary designer and developer, student

Photo of Jarco van Roest

Jarco van Roest

Head of Sales, the Netherlands

Engineer, marketer, salesperson, student at University of Twente

Photo of Mahendra Raghuwanshi

Tarek Gethe

Head of Sales, Germany

Digital marketer, researcher, psychology student at University of Twente

Photo of Tushar Gupta

Tushar Gupta

Research Fellow

Designer turned developer, passionate about research, building products

Photo of Mudita Sisodia

Mudita Sisodia

Research Fellow

Engineering student from Mumbai, dabbling in front end technologies

Photo of Mitali Raju

Mitali Raju

Research Fellow

Engineering student enthusiastic about social entrepreneurship

Photo of Schezeen Fazulbhoy

Schezeen Fazulbhoy

Research Fellow

Researcher, student, passionate about creative development

Photo of Tarek Gethe

Erik Hasenoehrl

Research Advisor

Research Fellow at Procter & Gamble, PhD in Analytical Chemistry

Photo of Tobias Stone

Tobias Stone

Eye Innovation Advisor

Founder of EyeFocus Accelerator, Director Innovation at BBFA UK

Photo of Gagan Bhasin

Gagan Bhasin

Mobility Advisor

Engineer, director at Nokia Network Planning and Optimization

Photo of Abhinav Tandon

Abhinav Tandon

Partnerships Advisor

Co-founder of Creator’s Gurukul, CEO of Lasie Foundation, BTech IIT Delhi

Photo of Pankaj Kankaria

Pankaj Kankaria

Investments Advisor

Director at Scale Ventures, angel investor, MSc University of Edinburgh

Photo of Siddharth Shetty

Siddharth Shetty

IndiaStack Advisor

Product Manager at Exotel, contributor at IndiaStack, founder of Fundlined

Photo of Pradeep Chowdhary

Pradeep Chowdhary

Design Advisor

Founder of Industry Development India, MDes National Institute of Design