Smartphone for the rest of us.

Shravan is Oswald Labs’ research project, which takes its form both as an operating system for Android-based smartphones, and a set of free, inclusive, and easy-to-use apps.

Shravan OS

With our speech and vibration technology, Shravan OS can be easily used by the visually impaired, the unlettered, senior citizens, and everyone in between.

A farmer smiling while talking on the phone

Breaking barriers to smartphone usage

It works for people who have visual impairment, learning disorders, or are senior citizens. It also works for villagers, illiterate audiences, disabled users, and everyone in between.

A blind woman touching a smartphone display

Revolutionary technology

It uses accessible interface patterns with different modes for correcting system-wide contrast and design settings using a patent-pending combination of vibrations, speech, and touch.

An ethnic couple taking a selfie

Made to empower every one of us

It has Aadhar integration and works in native languages like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjab, Assamese, and Maithili.

A man using a Shravan smartphone

Tons of features and updates

It has a built-in voice assistant, internet applications like live news and sports scores, music streaming, and search, and emergency features like one-tap ambulance access.

Shravan apps

For users using Android and iOS, Oswald Labs also offers free and open-source apps. Shravan apps help the visually impaired understand the world around them, the hearing impaired have conversations, and the dyslexic read more easily.

Augmenta11y app icon


Augmenta11y is an Augmented Reality (AR)-based app that helps people with dyslexia easily read in the real world. Just point your phone's camera to any text and see it in dyslexia-friendly mode.

Live Subtitles app icon

Live Subtitles

Live Subtitles helps people with hearing impairment or deafness have conversations more easily. Just point your phone's camera at someone and see what they're saying on your screen in real-time.

Visib11y app icon


Visib11y is a daily help app for people with visual impairment or blindness. Instantly recognize objects all around you, read text, find out your location, and navigate to places, all with speech.

Wikibility app icon


Wikibility is when Wikipedia meets accessibility. Use Agastya's award-winning web accessibility options on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, for easy browsing, reading, and referencing.

Shravan Phone

What would an affordable, accessible smartphone look like? Take a sneak peek at and preorder the $69, end-to-end accessible smartphone running Shravan OS.