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Oswald Labs is an award-winning accessibility technology company. With our research-driven and inclusive product portfolio, we’ve impacted thousands of lives throughout the globe.

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Introducing the app Augmenta11y

We’re very excited to launch Augmenta11y, an app for Android and iOS devices, to help children with dyslexia learn easier. Augmenta11y features our exclusive dyslexia-friendly mode and uses Augmented Reality to help students with learning disabilities like dyslexia easily read textbooks, paper, and other material in the real world.

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Web accessibility made simple

Agastya lets web developers and business owners incorporate accessibility features to their websites. By adding just one line of JavaScript code, you can make your website disabled-friendly and accessible to a much wider audience.

Make your content available to everyone with built-in neural machine translation to over a hundred languages.
Blue Light Filter
Simulate an adjustment to the color temperature of the display to reduce eye strain and disruption of sleep patterns.
Live Chat
Integrate with third-party services for customer feedback, chatbot, live chat and phone support, and more.
Get access to raw data and computed analytics about your website, locations, referers, usage, and user abilities.
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Dyslexia-friendly Mode
Uses the research to make content on your website easier to read for users with learning disabilities.
Visual Impairment
Built-in content extraction finds the main content of your webpage and reads it out for the partially or completely blind.
Automated Audits
Schedule automated accessibility and SEO audits to make sure no inaccessible code is ever pushed to production.
Accessibility Platform
Developers can build modes for Agastya on, and customers can customize their plugin from the store.

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Oswald Labs Accelerator

Oswald Labs Accelerator is a free, remote, global support program for early-stage startups building for the next billion users.

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Oswald Labs Research

20% decrease in reading time for students with dyslexia.

Our researchers conducted a study with Augmenta11y, our AR app to help students with dyslexia read more easily, and found a reduction in reading time of over 20%.


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