Oswald Labs is an innovative, young company of 10+ motivated individuals with a mission to make technology accessible to everyone. We’re based out of India and the Netherlands.

Photograph of Nishant Gadihoke

Nishant Gadihoke

Chief Technology Officer
New Delhi, India

Nishant Gadihoke is the chief technology officer of Oswald Labs. He co-founded Oswald Labs with fellow schoolmate Anand Chowdhary after winning Code4Impact at AngelHack Delhi.

He has previously worked with organizations like Google, where he interned with the Chrome Design Team, the Wikimedia Foundation, and Khan Academy. He also worked as a freelance designer with startups.

He is a senior at The Mother’s International School, New Delhi. Apart from developing for the web, Nishant likes experimenting with Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning from time to time. In the past couple of months, he has been building Android apps and learning about design patterns and color theory.

You can visit his personal website for more information or write to him at