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Web accessibility made simple.

Agastya is a solution for web developers to help incorporate accessibility features in their websites. By adding just one line of JavaScript code, you can make your website accessible to a much wider audience. You can customize the widget, view usage anayltics, and more.

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Dyslexia-friendly Mode

It adjusts the color-contrast ratio and typography (to Open Dyslexic) to best suit the needs of someone with a learning disorder, based on previous research conducted by the W3C and the British Dyslexia Association.

Blue Light Filter

The subtle shift to a sepia theme decreases the stark contrast of bright white light on black text that can strain the eyes, and is recommended for reading for longer durations due to lower screen luminescence.

Night Mode

White-on-black works best in conditions where there is very little light or no light at all. It doesn’t project the bright light to the eyes and the text is easier to read without putting extra effort on eyelids. It also inverts other visual elements.


What if your website’s content was available in all languages? Agastya comes built-in with Google Translate, so your website’s content is accessible to everyone, regardless of the language they can read in.

Advanced Analytics

Get access to raw data and computed analytics about your users's disabilities. Find out what modes are being used by users, which pages require your attention, and integrate with Google Analytics.


Our patent-pending technology automatically generates alternate text (ALT tags) for images using advanced computer vision & machine learning. Available on request for Pro plans larger than 250,000 pageviews only.

Start for free, pay as you grow.

Agastya is affordable for everyone — from small startups to multinational institutions. It's free for websites with less than 10,000 pageviews per month, and we offer special discounts and free Pro plans for non-profits, student startups, and bootstrapped startups.

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By developers, for developers.

Agastya features a powerful API for developers, along with plugins for popular platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, Ghost, and Shopify. Developers can also build their own modes and add them to the web accessibility store to earn money. Coming soon.

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Built for Europe.

Pay in euros.

Pay with your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express cards with 3D Secure in euros.1 We're working on bringing iDEAL & SEPA support very soon.

Data stored in the EU.

You remain the owner of your data. Easily export, modify, and download your data whenever you want. Securely stored in Dublin, Ireland.2

GDPR, check.

We're GDPR-compliant from the start, no matter when you're from. We also add EU cookie law compliance to your website automatically.

1Oswald Labs is registered as Oswald Able Technology Private Limited in India. All invoices are issued by the Indian company. We use Transferwise and Stripe to collect payments. 2Data is stored by Amazon Web Services in Dublin, Ireland. We use CloudFlare's global CDN to deliver resources.