At Oswald Labs Research, our focus is to bridge the gap between users in terms of access to technology. Using our research, we find insights into how to connect the next billion users.


In our first attempt, we are focusing on the following technologies and methods, with an extensive focus on user testing, peer feedback, and external collaborations.


How can we make text more readable for users? All our products focus on increasing legibility through typography, and we measure their results in this research.

Web technologies

How can we make the web more accessible? It is not very hard for developers to use ARIA or semantic markup, but it needs to be encouraged and taught.


What would enabling devices of the future look like? We incubate and work with hardware teams to build blind and dyslexia-friendly reading devices.

Artificial Intelligence

How can AI be used for accessibility? We use computer vision to automatically generate ALT tags for images around the web and use machine learning for smart actions.

Human-centered design

How do we let user customize the design of websites and apps based on their preferences? Our plugins and apps remember and recommend design changes.

Screen readers

Instead of reading aloud just everything, our algorithms automatically detect the dominant and important content on a webpage and read that instead.