Brand Guidelines

Please make sure to adhere to these brand guidelines when using the Oswald Labs logos in your work.


When using the Oswald Labs logo, always make sure that the color is hex #007bff. The corresponding RGB code is rgb(0, 123, 255). In CMYK, it is 100, 52, 0, 0.



Always use the new Oswald Labs symbol available on the Logos page. When possible, use the vector SVG, but high-resolution PNGs are also available on Wikimedia Commons.

Don’t change the color

Use the official color


Our logotype is the text “Oswald Labs” in Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson Studio in the weights Light or Regular — depending on the context.

Do not substitute Proxima Nova with a different typeface. It is, however, accepted to change the typeface when customizing your work for disability, eg. changing to Open Dyslexic based on a user’s preference.

Oswald Labs

Don’t use another typeface

Oswald Labs

Don’t change font weight

Oswald Labs

Don’t change letter spacing

Oswald Labs

Use Proxima Nova

Combination mark

Always use the new Oswald Labs combination mark.

Our old logo was in a custom-designed version of Proxima Nova semibold with the text “Oswald” in lowercase. Please do not use that, stick to the official logo.

Old logo

Don’t use the old logo

Old logo

Use the official logo