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Visib11y is a daily help app for people with visual impairment or blindness. Instantly recognize objects all around you, read text, find out your location, and navigate to places, all with speech.

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The estimated number of people visually impaired in the world is 285 million, 39 million blind and 246 million having low vision. These users sometimes have difficulty understanding the world around them.

Visib11y helps the visually impaired in many different ways, including being location-aware by understanding where they are, and seeing things around them using their camera and advanced object detection. Visually impaired users can also magnify using their camera, read text on paper, and much more.

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Visib11y helps users understand where they are and the places around them, for example ATMs, restaurants, and more.

Object detection

Using the smartphone camera, the app can tell a user what objects and places they are currently looking at.


Visib11y works completely with speech and vibrations, so visually impaired users never have to see what's on the screen.

Backed by proven research.

Our researchers conducted a study with students with dyslexia in two different schools in India using Augmenta11y and found a reduction in reading time of over 20%.

Built on Oswald Labs Platform.

All Shravan apps are built on Oswald Labs Platform, an extensive suite of products, open-source projects, and developer APIs and SDKs to build tools to empower the next billion users.

Free as in freedom—download now.

Visib11y is part of Oswald Labs’ Shravan platform, and is 100% free for all users. We don't collect background data or sell your personal data, so its truly free and invasion-free.