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Dyslexia-friendly reading app

Augmenta11y is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that helps people with learning disabilities like dyslexia easily read signage, paper, and other material in the real world.

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Welcome the all new Augmenta11y app with better camera detection, 14 new voices, variable playback speed control, and more! Download the app today to try it out!

Augmenta11y helps people with dyslexia read better using special fonts and colors. Over 5,000 families worldwide use Augmenta11y to improve their reading speeds.

More than 700 million adults and children are affected by dyslexia, which can impact their ability to read, write, and spell. Augmenta11y aims to help them improve their reading and comprehension skills by allowing them to scan pages from their book, and read it in a dyslexia-friendly mode with various font options, increased background contrast, line height, letter spacings, and 14 read aloud voices.

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Distraction free reading

Point your camera towards any printed material such as books, menus, street signs, and the app will tranform it for you to read in a dyselxia friendly view.


Customize your reading experience by choosing your favourite fonts, colors, and settings such as line height and letter spacing to find the perfect combination for you.


The app keeps track of previously detected text for future reference, so you can revisit anything that you have scanned before.

Backed by proven research.

Our researchers conducted a study with students with dyslexia in two different schools in India using Augmenta11y and found a reduction in reading time of over 20%.

Built on Oswald Labs Platform.

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Free as in freedom—download now.

Augmenta11y is part of Oswald Labs’ Shravan platform, and is 100% free for all users. We don't collect background data or sell your personal data, so its truly free and invasion-free.