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Dyslexia-friendly reading app

Augmenta11y is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that helps people with learning disabilities like dyslexia easily read signage, paper, and other material in the real world.

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Augmenta11y is a one-stop platform that aims at making life easier on a regular basis, simplifying the process of interacting with objects and text-based data (such as billboards, street signs, hard copy documents, online data) that one may encounter with through the course of their day.

It helps those with dyslexia absorb and interact with reading material with comfort. It provides a vast array of customisable options, rendering the text to be completely user-customisable based on their preferences. Augmenta11y serves as the ultimate assistant while dealing with the effects of a condition such as dyslexia.

It aims at helping them be more independent, by ensuring ease of accessibility and usability. The application is fairly intuitive to use, simply point your device at the object at hand and let Augmenta11y work its magic.

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Reader mode

The user can read the text unaffected by external environmental factors by tapping on a text box and entering the Reader mode.


Different users have different requirements for styling text, so we ensure complete design customization for easier reading.


This tool keeps track of previously detected text for future reference, so users can revisit anything they found interesting.

Backed by proven research.

Our researchers conducted a study with students with dyslexia in two different schools in India using Augmenta11y and found a reduction in reading time of over 20%.

Built on Oswald Labs Platform.

All Shravan apps are built on Oswald Labs Platform, an extensive suite of products, open-source projects, and developer APIs and SDKs to build tools to empower the next billion users.

Free as in freedom—download now.

Augmenta11y is part of Oswald Labs’ Shravan platform, and is 100% free for all users. We don't collect background data or sell your personal data, so its truly free and invasion-free.