Oswald Labs CEO Anand Chowdhary Listed in FD Persoonlijk Talentenspecial 2018

Just five months after moving to Enschede, the Netherlands, and opening Oswald Labs’ first office in Europe, on January 18, 2018, Anand Chowdhary, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oswald Labs, was featured as one of the top 50 young entrepreneurs and professionals in the Netherlands by Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch Financial Times) in the FD Persoonlijk Talentenspecial 2018.

Het Financieele Dagblad is a business- and finance-focused Dutch newspaper that annually searches for the leaders of the future: fifty men and women of up to 35 years old who have the most innovative ideas as entrepreneurs and professionals. In the 2018 edition, Chowdhary was the youngest to be featured. Here is an excerpt from what they said:

De Indiase Anand wil het leven van senioren, slechtzienden en mensen met dyslexie makkelijker maken. Dat doen hij en zijn compagnons met Oswald Labs, waar diverse diensten en producten onder vallen.

This loosely translates to “Indian Anand wants to make life easier for seniors citizens, people with visual impairment, and people with dyslexia. He and his team do this with Oswald Labs, which has many diverse products and services.”

Oswald Labs recently opened their first location outside of India in the innovative and entrepreneurial city of Enschede in the Twente region of the Overijssel province. Chowdhary is also studying of Creative Technology at the University of Twente.

Previously, Oswald Labs became the first Indian company to be incubated in the London/Berlin-based EyeFocus Accelerator, the world’s only program for startups that build technology for the blind. “Not only is their product of great interest and value to society, it is great to see such a young, dynamic team acting so professionally. They are a great example to others of how to focus skill and energy into entrepreneurship and helping people in society,” said Tobias Stone, the founder of EyeFocus Accelerator.

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