At Oswald Labs, our purpose is to connect the next billions users to technology.

This is our /purpose.

While I was working as a consultant for an e-commerce company, I realized that their website (not unlike many other websites) was not very accessible and doesn't allow for user customizations. I came up with the idea of building a browser extension to solve that problem.

My co-founder Nishant and I built that in a weekend hackathon, and I thought that was it. It was only when I got an email from a therapist working with children with dyslexia, telling me that she's using our extension, I realized that we could make an impact in the lives of real people. I dropped out of college and decided to built Oswald Labs.

Today, we're a two-year-old research-driven company with a great team and thousands of monthly users. We recently published out first research paper showing how the dyslexia-friendly mode can increase reading speeds by over 20%. Today, we're still true to what those teenagers wanted to build.

Our purpose it to connect the next billion users with technology. People with disabilities. People from diverse backgrounds. People with financial barriers. We want to use technoloy and break all of those barriers.

This is our /purpose.


March 10, 2019